A Beginner's Guide to Downtown Miami and Brickell Neighborhood
A Beginner’s Guide to Downtown Miami and Brickell Neighborhood

Did you know that more than 10 million tourists visit Miami every year? That’s because there are so many downtown Miami activities to take part in.

If you’ve been thinking about going, what should you do in Miami Downtown and the Brickell neighborhood? Let’s take a closer look!

Brickell Neighborhood

The Brickell neighborhood in Miami is a place you don’t want to miss. It’s a shopping and food haven and a hub of international cuisine, finances, and quite the urban center.

Brickell City Centre

The beautiful Brickell City Centre is a place you have to go when you travel to Miami. There are plenty of shopping and dining experiences here, but if you just want to take in the views, there’s nothing wrong with that either!

Dine at Lar Mar

Lar Mar is one of Miami’s best restaurants that you for sure have to go check out for yourself. The restaurant has delicious Peruvian food and a waterfront view but it also is off a bit secluded from the rest of Brickell. Located on Brickell Key, you have an excuse to go check out a small island for dinner! 

Stroll Along The Underline

Much like the Highline in NYC, The Underline utilizes the city’s public transportation lines to create a fun, urban park for visitors to take a stroll. Although this isn’t yet completed, there’s a half-mile section that you can enjoy.

There are weekend yoga series, a dog run, and walking paths along the Miami River. By 2025, The Underline should be completed.

Greater Downtown Miami Area

If you are looking to explore a little further around the downtown Miami area, there is plenty to do when you visit Miami. However, you don’t want to miss these activities. 

Bayside Marketplace

If you love shopping and eating, then the Bayside Marketplace in downtown Miami is for you. But it’s even better than just shopping and eating. It’s shopping and eating with a view of palm trees, water, and a marina!

Be sure to stop by one of these while you are there:

Hobie Island Beach Park

For a day to enjoy the warm water, head to Hobie Island Beach Park. While you may not get a whole lot of tanning in here, you can watch all of the windsurfers do their thing! You can even try it out while you’re there.

For tanning, head on over to Miami Beach.

Take a Trip to Downtown Miami

If you are planning a trip to Downtown Miami, you will want to make sure to hit up these spots in Brickell and the greater Miami area. From beaches to dining, Miami sure does have it all.

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