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Looking to have a good time? You do not have to wait for a special cocktail day. While in Brickell, you can visit these clubs to ensure you have a time of your life. You get to sip the best drinks while socializing and experiencing the time of your life in Brickell. Here are some of the clubs you need to visit to gain this fantastic experience.

Opened in 2012, TuCandela is reputed to have great live music each night and are assured of having a great time  Artists from Latin America will wow you with their live performances each Thursday. You will have the night of your life at this local hotspot. For all revelers who love Latin American culture, this is the place to be. The interior depicts the colonial times that reflect the original location of Tucandela in Cartagena, Colombia. The lively Latin beats coupled with the colored glass and wooden elements give you a real feel of Colombia. You must know that you won’t be disappointed as this is the real deal. While at this new local favorite in Brickell, you can enjoy appetizers and drinks at half off between 5 PM to 8 PM. Visit the club Thursday through to Saturday to enjoy the artisan cocktails and creative cuisine. Come ready to dance to live music on Thursday’s and Saturday’s. Therefore, when you come around in Brickell, be prepared to have a good time and be treated like royalty by the staff. Most of those who have visited the club cannot pinpoint on anything that got them to like the club. It is mostly attributed to the great customer service. The staff is not pretentious, they are genuinely worried about customer service and you will find that it is a great place to wind up your day due to the laid-back aura that is present in the club.

BLUME Nightclub
A high-end night club located at 1421 S. Miami Avenue, Miami Florida with a to die for garden bar terrace. When you are here, you will experience a modern and extensive ambiance that will rock you to the core. Blume provides a combination of a chill atmosphere with high energy. The interior’s expansive indoor and outdoor idyllic terrace gives you a unique environment that speaks of class and fun. The only night clubs in Miami that offers awesome live music and entertainment that is both in the house and open format. Once inside, you are impressed by interior décor and design that express class and fun. The mood is swanky and colorful with astonishing music that sets you on a roller coaster. The first true night club in the district and it hosts admired international DJs. You should know the night club operates from 11:30 pm to 5 a.m., Thursday to Saturday. The Garden Bar is open from 10:30 p.m and on. The indoor décor is comprised of floral motifs that give Blume a tropical look. The wooden trimmings give the club a Garden room appearance. The 16 foot LED chandelier adds glamor to the classical ambiance.

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